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20 August 2013

Lean Branding and the Minimum Viable Brand

The unfinished brand?

It's funny how great ideas can't be held back no matter how little you do to cultivate them. A couple of years ago I ran a start-up client workshop at Toronto's MaRS on lean branding and the idea of the minimum viable brand. You can see the slides here although some of them require a bit of a voice over: Lean Branding for Start-ups

24 February 2013

A CSR Brand?

Branding CSR and Community Initiatives – lose the brand silos, people!

I had the pleasure  of sharing a panel today at the Conference Board’s Corporate Community Investment Council meeting in Toronto alongside Barry Hillier of Dashboard and Bruce MacDonald of Big Brothers Big Sisters Canada.

The topic was how to brand signature community investment (CI) initiatives – you know, like CIBC Run for the Cure, Bell Let’s Talk, Ronald McDonald House etc. My point was typically obnoxious: that you SHOULDN’T brand CI initiatives at all; that they should be built on the same core ideas as the core enterprise.

11 February 2013

Reputation and Brand

Reputation and brand are not the same thing.

Reputation and Brand

...just ask Goldman Sachs, NIKE, Google, SNC-Lavalin and all the Canadian Banks.

A common point of confusion in contemporary organizations is the difference between reputation and brand. They are different and the difference matters. They are different metrics, taken from different audiences, around different outcomes. Yes, there is some spillover between them (more in some sectors than others) but it’s just plain sloppy to conflate them, and potentially quite damaging to long term viability.

11 February 2013

The Social Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is social and entrepreneurs are social animals

Important new thinking is challenging the old mythology that entrepreneurs and innovators are all lone-rangers and solo heroes. In so many places I'm hearing more people, especially young people, speak about entrepreneurship and innovation as systemmic, not individual journeys. As Byers, Kist and Sutton said, "Entrepreneurship is a social process and entrepreneurs are social creatures." Click here for the article.

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